So i just checked to see what courses are availble over the fall semester, and it looks like i only need one from then... and it is a half semester class (starts 10/15/08 to 12/15/08). I am also taking a class over the summer over july and august on w/th from 8am-4pm. so i will have brakes class done.

i only need; High Performance Engine Fundamentals (AMT230), Engine Performance and Drivability (AMT260) and Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles (AMT270). i hope i can get those in during spring....

looks like i just got a lot of free time. come the end of this semester.

on another note, i washed and waxed my car



"The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

oh how true that is.

On another note, my car has gotten one step closer to completion. made my -6AN fuel line, with Earl's fittings, that will replace the stock line from the filter to the fuel rail. I also recieved my injector seals today.



I am not in the mood for it. Today I have been very... "blah", and dont feel like doing anything.


Maybe I'll just skip school like i did on friday.


Wiring Woes

Well, after tracking down the problem of my car thoughout the last few weeks, i finally got the main one. where 2 wires come together and turn to one, that one was disconnected. so my injectors on cylinders 1 and 3 were not spraying. but it is fixed now.

video to prove it.