Video Test

Chasecam mount that i posted about before. just a video test.


Zombie ZZW30?

took a few shots this morning. it was peaceful driving with the top down. like 75 degrees and foggy. i liked it.


Camera Mount

Well, my girlfriend generously bought me one of these from Chasecam.

I expect to be doing a lot more video work. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and now I have some equipment I want. I've even recently upgraded to a 500gb HDD for my computer, so I also have the room to stick all these videos.


A little GT Motoring

Went to GT Motoring today for a meet. I had no idea they existed, much less were 5 minutes from my house, until earlier this week when I was working on a friend's Fit and he mentioned they got a GTR. Later I found that Illia posted on CW that there was a meet on the 6th. So, sure enough I went. Met up with some guys there and hung out. Good turnout I'd say. So many stock S2000's though. Although I kind of wish I got one, I do like being the only MR-S.

My boring, mostly stock car.

AJ's clean example of an NSX

GT Motoring's new GTR. Only 73 miles on it. I must say though, I'm not as impressed with it as I would have thought. It's too... boring and large for me. Yeah it's fast and all, but something about it just doesn't sit with me. I'd rather have an older R34/33/32 over this, or even a 911 or something. I don't know, its too much Nissan for that price, doesn't have enough exotic car in it for me.

GTM Evo X. I'm fairly sure it's a time attack car, but I honestly don't know. Looks cool though. Not as ugly as the STi is.

Josh's S13 again

Another GTM time attack car.

Chob's S14. I guess all the cool kids run with no hoods

Anyway, work is boring, so I thought I'd update you guys with what I did today.

I can't wait until I get some money for wheels and a real suspension setup. I'm looking into some RPF1's in 16x8 +38. This car has them in the rear, and 16x7 +43 in the front. I'm thinking 16x8 all around and a small 5mm or 10mm spacer in the rear. Still have to actually measure, but I'm lazy and RPF1's are kinda boring...


I can't believe I'm posting about Hollister

I found this over at Fatlace. It's quite an interesting read. I'm amazed on how many of todays youth falls for this shit. It's sickening. Everytime I go in there with my girlfriend, I feel the need to projectile vomit over everything. Everything is so... fake. Ask my girlfriend about the fake bitch who greets you. I make sure my comments that should be inaudible, are quite audible. haha. Fuck fake bitches, spray tans, and hair color the same orangey hue as their skin.


"The concept for Hollister was built around a fictional background story. The story claims J.M. Hollister founded the company in 1022 as a “Pacific merchant in SoCal.” On its website, the company defines itself as “Inspired by the sun-drenched spirit of California, and the surf and soul of the Pacific Ocean, Hollister is a laid-back, aspirational lifestyle destination.” In reality, it was launched in 2000 out of Columbus, Ohio by Abercrombie & Fitch, which was struggling at the time to reach a younger customer."