Chassis Bracing

I got this in today! Made by Corky on SC. Many guys on Spyderchat highly recommend this, so I bought it. After the install, i took it around the block. On an off camber curve, I slid the rear out. I must say, the chassis is much more solid. Pretty happy about the purchase. Too bad there is still some slush and junk on the roads by my house. Going to have to wait until spring to really feel it (though I'll have better tires by then too...)

Still no sign of the wheels yet. That will be my next big update.



I ordered some on Thursday. should be here this week.


Winter Sliding

i suck. deal with it.

Looking towards Lotus for Inspiration

I've started looking at what the Elise/Exige owners are doing for some inspiration on my MR-S.

K20 in a full carbon bodied S1 Elise

2Bular exhaus on an Exige

CE28N on this Elise


While I am Waiting

Since I am waiting for wheel money (paycheck or two, and a tax return), i may as well post up some well done MR2's.

first one is from a got nagel on MR2oc. lowered on Function Form coilovers and MR2 Spyder wheels. I'm not a fan of cheap coilovers after owning some D2's on my AW, but options are very limited with the AW.

SeanBlader also on MR2oc. Great example of a purpose build MK1. I dont know much about his car, unfortunately.

mister2driver's car. i also don't know much about his car. cool wheels and nice stance though!

LinkRoadstar on Spyderchat. Work Meister S1 2pc, TPS roll bar (like mine), Tein SSP, L Creation front, trd sides and rear (replica I believe), hard top.... etc

coil2daover also on spyderchat. RPF1, Tein SSP(?), knockoff TRD front and rear lips, real TRD sides. car is on the way up for sure.

Kenny's MR-S. you can check out his ride under the blogs i read, "Kenchi". Great guy, cool car. Very inspiring. i think he knows brian(?) from above since ive seen their cars together a few times.

(photo from http://kinod.net/linhbergh/?p=122, hope you don't mind)

PS: most SW's don't tickle my fancy. sorry. maybe next time.