My MR2 = Not Powerful

hahahaha! good laugh. at least i have a cool pic of me on the dyno



Why am I building two cars? This is dumb.



eh, this looks alright. the paint didn't like to stick and i keep getting these dots where the paint separates. i cleaned it all before painting too. and this paint is so thin that i've done like 56 coats.

yeah that fender lip where it's bolted down looks disgusting. ill paint it or something.



Tein HE w/ Cusco camber plates. used, free to me.


Some Website Things

I've made these over the years for some different websites.

Death*Squad blog

JDMchat promo 'flyer'

Random JDMU banners that were displayed on the top of the site. I can't remember if I did the plug wire one or not. I think I might have.

Local 240sx board that I help run with D*Star


Warm days and cold nights

such is the weather in Illinois recently.

saturday night I went to a meet. bunch of cool people that i dont see often enough. finally went out to see some street action. some guy busted up his FD after i left. evidently it was super clean, 30k miles, and only saw rain a few times. his dad bought it new in 1992.

here is one of the very few pics from that night. no one really brought a camera.


I has a motor!

Picked this up from a guy on thursday. He showed me it in the car running, then pulled it while I was there. Good reassurance that the motor runs fine! now I know if it doesn't work, it's most likely the wiring. (the fun kind of trouble shooting)

Mine is the closer transmission. The other one is from Edgar's S14 SR that's for sale. Someone buy it, it's taking up space in my garage.


Kenny's Redline MR-S

Kenny has been doing some good things with his MR-S lately. check out his blog!




This car looks it.

I'm trying to decide between a fairly priced clean CA18, or a DOHC KA24... or if a buyer comes, selling it outright.

maybe I'll keep it around a bit longer... and I kind of want boost...