MPH Motorsports BBQ 5/24/09

Great meet with a lot of nice cars. Matt was grilling all day and went through nearly $300 worth of food.

My car with it's new stance. I fell in love with my car again this weekend.
I rolled in with Nick and his brother. Love the blacked out look of his AP. He recently put some CE28n's on like nothing. He works over at GT Motoring.
Nick's brother's car. I didn't notice right away, but both cars are sporting the Amuse R1 front bumper. Such a subtle piece, it looks factory.

AJ's NSX. Baller.Tym's car is quick. 200+ whp NA. I got a ride in it and wow, almost makes me miss Hondas. He drove my car and liked my HKS coilovers. He is running Tein Mono-FLEX on his car.
Chop looking like a pimp. Currently borrowing Josh's wheels. Good look for the car.
Tomaz's DC. Funky fresh and spaced out TE's for this season.
Eugene also drove my car. He said it has similar dynamics to his NA6 (1.8 swapped). After hearing him drive off with my car, I realized I need an exhaust. I win the award for quietest car.
Random SW20. Probably a member from MR2oc as I posted the event over there.
A starlet came and had this under the hood. So sick!
Henry's old car. This chassis has seen many nights of street drifting. I hope the new owner continues the legacy with the F-series swap.
Matt's LS2 powered S13. The front end is tube frame and got some work done over the winter.
I look super awkward in this pic...
Some S13 that I've seen before. I don't know the owner, or any details about it, but I love the color and simplicity of the car.
Chris from Team Slip. The paint is so sparkly!

Props to AJ for all the pics.


CA240 Meet 5/23/09

I set up a meet for ChicagoArea240sx this past weekend. Good turnout and good to see people.

Rob and my car's showing how it's done in terms of lowness.

I love the color of Rob's car. Please never paint it anything else.
Nacker's Z on some Saleen replica wheels. 18x9 and 18x10... or something like that.
My girly car.

Ooo Dang S13. Doing the old school look with the Equip 03's. I dig.
Nacker's car. I <3 Zipties too!
Roski's sled. Part of D*Squad
Jame's AW. He has my old transmission from my flared AW.

D*Squad pic. Roski got some overs put on and lost a front bumper (shattered).
Trucky's command center
and Trucky's car
More here


New Job!

Starting June 1st!


Pink GT Performer

I used to ride one of these to school when I was in elementry school. I got it from my cousin as a gift. Stupid me, I attempted to repaint it blue. I miss this bike.

If I could do it over again, I would love to powdercoat the frame this green color and have the rest all white. So fresh.


In The Near Future

I've determined that I need coilovers BAD. Looks sooooo much better at this height.



But I want a K24 bottom end.