Now with 129 dyno proven HP!

Sweet! The exhaust was well worth it.


New Exhaust

I made my exhaust yesterday. I did it all besides the welding (I don't trust my TIG skills yet).

The muffler is a stainless Magnaflow 12265. I used full stainless 2.5" piping and a Vibrant Performance 2.5" V-Band flange. I still need to figure out tips. Probably just going to go with 3" ones with burnt edges.

Tone is deep and pretty quiet at idle and in 5th with minimal throttle. It opens up when you get on it, but it does not sound 'ricey' like a fart can Civic or something.

Next project is a diffuser for the newly cleaned up rear end.


HIN 2009

Lots of this.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the iLL Garage booth!