New wheels (Volk SE37) and test fit the aero today. Dope.


That one car

There is always that one car. It may have been in an old Option magazine, somewhere on the internet, or even around the area you live. The car that is the Holy Grail in your eyes.

Here's mine, it's no secret.

What is your 'one car'?


Where to next?

I suppose I am getting to the turning point of my car. As it sits, it is an awesome daily driver, fun to flog on a winding road, and a very efficient smile inducer. It starts up everyday without hesitation, and always gets me where I need to be.

Here lies the problem; I want more. When is it time to say enough is enough? When should you say that the car is everything that it needs to be and be satisfied with that? When should you stop buying parts, stop tinkering with what you have, and stop letting it consume your life? When is not enough, too much?

I want this, I want that, but do I really need it? Maybe it is time to regain control, patch the holes in my pockets, and stop.

Maybe after I buy just one more thing...


Fallen Comrade and a Cruise

I went on a cruise Thursday night with a few guys. It was in memory of the late Minh Dinh.

Thank AJ for the pics.