Box of parts

I got a box of parts.

This box had:
Intake manifold
Coolant pipe
Oil pressure sensor
Thermostat housing

How Far Down the Rabbit Hole Would You Like to Go?

That is what is what I am currently asking myself. How far do I go with the MR-S. How much money do I sink into it before it is too much. A used Lotus Elise is a mid-20k car now. If I dump too much money into the Toyota I may as well have bought the better looking, better suspension equiped, lighter, 2zz powered (same engine) Lotus. I won't be too far off after building the 2zz and getting a hardtop...

Why do I waste money?


2ZZ Tear Down

Block looks alright

Yup, need valves...


New Favorite MR-S

Yes, I think so.

CA240 Meet

Some pics from Friday night


Random Snap

Came out a little too dark


Kouki + RGII

Simple and effective. Take notes.