Hot Damn!

I got some stickers in the mail! Thanks Ron! (SRS BZNS)



Got some cams and a Hondata intake manifold gasket thing. I might start putting things together soon. Not sure how soon I want to put it in. I have other stuff I want before then.


Almost done buying shit

As soon as my valve train comes in, it is assembly time!

Ordered Today

Hondata Intake Manifold Heat Shield Gasket - 2ZZ-GE
MWR Cam Set - 2ZZ-GE - Stage 3

Running tab so far:
$400 Motor
$350 Misc used OEM parts
$750 12/15/09 Valves, Gaskets, Oil Pump, etc
$550 12/18/09 Valve springs and retainers, ARP head studs, ECU
$100 12/20/09 Throttle body assembly
$700 1/15/10 Cams and Hondata Gasket
Total $2850

What these cams do for a 2zz.



Winter blues

My car looks lonely everyday that I walk past it. I miss driving it.