New Tires

I needed new tired on the rear TE37's after DD30. Since DZ101's are out of stock everywhere and there is no set production date (basically discontinued), I had to choose something else. Yoko's Parada Spec 2 came in the same size, and had a similar price, but I hear they're not so good. We'll see... I guess.


Will it drift?

Yes it will.

Video: Link

Such a long, but very good, day. Thanks to all the staff from ClubFR and all the media people shooting pics.


A-Spec Sucker

The kit might be a bit dated, but I still love it. Someday I will own a yellow FD.

Pic from "Spring Drift Matsuri PT4" on SpeedHunters (LINK)


Average Civic

Armando's build is finishing up, just in time for the season. Big things are brewing at ILL Garage this year!