FC-Edit Software

You can download files FC Edit Universal Install.zip   3.4 Mb from:


It has exe file V2.117 so download newer exe file V2.125 from:


You may search for a even newer V2.127 as well,

or search Google for:   FC-Edit v2.128.zip   and will be first on top, download it,
but 2.128 version has got some errors and can not read all files, so do not use it.

Download and instal all the files needed to run any version of FC-Edit,
just use any version FC-Edit exe file, the rest is the same:


then FC_Edit_SR20DET.exe  repalce with previous FC-Edit 2.125 file.
There is tutorial, pdf file inside appr. 4Mb Project-RB26DETT-FC-Edit-Pro-Manual.pdf

Alternatively you can download program and some data files from:


Search for these (listed below) on that page and download all one by one.
In the FC-Edit replace the exe file or add 2.15 version, listed on top,
run from inside FC-Edit DIR by clicking on that exe or make shortcut on the Desktop.

(If this voids any copyrights, please message me and I will take it down)


2ZZ Rebirth

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