Hate these wheels.


Spring clean


New boost gauge.


Test fit the rears with the new lips.

I buffed the paint  on one quarter panel.

Then I removed the valve cover, painted it with wrinkle black paint and finished polishing my GReddy intercooler piping.


Super GT style.

Found via Project-Definition
I've been neglecting this blog again. Here's what's been going on with the MR and MRS. The TRD Alumi-K wheels for the MR2 got new lips for the rear. I still need to finish refinishing 3 of the 4 faces and polish the front lips, that used to be the rears.

Ordered up a new lip and painted it myself. Not bad for some spray paint.

The MRS was retuned at ILL Garage at their new place in Addison, IL. Made 207whp. Not bad for a 1.8L with a stock bottom end!

I just got some new Dunlop DZ101 tires all around and have been thinking about the drift event later this month. They promise 3rd hear entries.

My top of 2nd is 75mph. 3rd gear entries!?


Throwback Thursday. Miss this car lately.


Alumi-K test


I sanded, prepped and painted one of the centers today.


Got a new E153 transmission for the turbo car. I'll be pulling the motor soon as the transmission and turbo both need to come off the motor. I'm also planning on replacing the oil pump, looking at the water pump, and I might to a head gasket and ARP head studs while I have most of it apart (since it's all reletively cheap) but we'll see.

Test fitting what my fronts will be. 17x9 +17. I moved the rear lips (2" lips) up front, and will be re-lipping the rears since one of the front lips is damaged. The front's used to be 17x8 +30

Speaking of the rears, here's the 17x9 +40. They will become 17x10.5 +21.